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Rebecca West

Design psychology coach and interior designer Rebecca West helps her audiences see and embrace the amazing potential in their homes and lives! With her practical and positive guidance you begin to envision a new life filled with possibility, and gain effective tools to shape that new reality. Attend one of her events and you’ll leave with powerful ideas, inspired and equipped to make tangible change happen in your life, home, and relationships.



Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox

Vanessa is a stay at home mother, casual artist, and some-time project manager. Originally from New York City she has been in Seattle for 16 years and recently uttered the sentence, “I’ve missed the rain.” which she takes as a sign of total Seattle assimilation and/or craziness. After a decade working at Microsoft, a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science, and having children, Vanessa is finding joy creating art again.  A painter (mostly), Vanessa’s early works focused on female form but the emphasis on light, color, and sense of movement led her work in an abstract direction. Until recently, Vanessa’s artwork has been few and far between, mostly portraits of her kids, but a painting for her son’s school auction last year opened the door to the unexpected joy of painting trees. In the end, the common thread, comes down to this: light, movement, emotion, whatever the subject, whatever the medium.


Cherie Hacker

Cherie is a conceptual artist and abstract painter whose work is process oriented. She knows the value of allowing art ideas to develop over time. Quintessentially a mixed-media artist with a studio in Downtown Sacramento, California, Cherie is also a member of Axis Gallery. Born and raised in Chicago, Cherie holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art, a Bachelors in Studio Art from UC Davis, and served a Smithsonian Graduate Internship in 2000-01 for the American Art Museum. She has installed and curated many gallery and student shows, and is a “Teaching Artist” with the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. An avid nature lover, Cherie is in the tenth year of the Lamp & Endtable Environmental Art Project that has taken her from Alaska throughout the Northwest.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Kate Holtzen



Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Jenni Kane

Jenni is a self-taught, wearable fiber artist, using spun material while navigating the wonderful world of knitting. But one media is not enough and she loves working with scissors, paper, glue, beading, wire work, and creative dying. Her sources of inspiration include, but are not limited to: nature, science, and random urban objects. Her sources of enjoyment include group and individual crafts projects and the processes of instruction and problem solving. For teaching, she's relied on her Elementary and Special Ed degree from Western Washington University along with years of hands-on crafts projects with kids, and recently the big kids at The Joy Guild. A native of Seattle/Bainbridge Island, Jenni was a Girl Scout for years and can build a fire anywhere in any weather. She's also a veteran beach bum, clam digger, and crabber, member of the Northwest Steam Society, boat owner, and Board Secretary and publisher of The Steam Gage.   www.northweststeamsociety.org