My source of inspiration: run from safety

A giant lesson for me this past year has been surrendering to what IS...let go, let go, let go. There are many similar ideas out there that remind us of one thing...take the leap and trust. Here is one of my favorite quotes that repeatedly went through my head as I jumped off a mountain in New Zealand this past December (I quivered as a leaf the entire way down to earth--and yes, that's me in the photo). 

“You find what you love and you learn everything about it. You bet your life on what you know and run from safety, off your mountain into the air, trusting the Principle of Flight to bring you soaring up on lift you cannot see with your eyes.” 

I'd heard this read from the author himself at a book signing in 1995 and it never left me. And to this day, when I am stuck, I run from safety; it is one of the only actions that truly keeps me inspired.