We're a village of creative-minded people who seek fun, playfulness, and inspiration to live a happy life. Our programs encourage exploration through an artistic lens and learning-by-adventure, bringing balance to those who are busy and overworked. 

Lori Stone
Guide, Wanderer, Muse


I help people find work and play that brings them joy, drawing on 20+ years in the corporate, academic, and non-profit sectors to guide forward-thinking people and organizations--from Fortune 500 companies to fresh startups and sole proprietors. A big kid at heart, a passion for adventure leads me wandering around the globe combining my passions and talents as a travel writer, photography teacher, communications and program management specialist, corporate consultant, arts educator, and design junkie. As a cancer-survivor-turned-advocate and dynamic public speaker, you can also catch me preaching the gospel of womens health.

I am an alumna of:

  • Sonoma State University
    BA Communication Studies and Studio Photography

  • University of San Francisco
    MA Track in Organization & Leadership, Graduate School of Education

  • University of Washington
    Professional Certificate in Arts Management

In my leisure time, I particularly enjoy slow travel, live music, Jane Austen novels, film, bowling, kayaking, day dreaming, sea glass, gardening, Muggle studies, all-things vintage, and antique treasure hunting.