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In 1996, I made a new year's resolution to never again make a new year's resolution. 18 years later, I've stuck to it. It's the only one that's ever worked. Here are a few tips to help you break the pattern for good, too.

I had become pretty boring. I was actually probably a lot like you. Wait, did I just call you boring? Sorry about that, what I mean is, maybe like you, I started out very creative and slowly over time made "real life" the priority and convinced myself that using my creativity to choose the right fill color in my spreadsheets was enough.  (Side note: My spreadsheets are badass. Gorgeous. But they are not art.) 

Each month, we offer up a story from our village of creative-minded folks that offers inspiration, influence, and opportunity. This month, we're looking at STUFF. How does it affect our lives? Why do we carry so much of it with us year to year? Why is it so hard to let go? And, we ask you to consider how the space around you influences mood, activities, happiness, and your joy. Clutter vs. order vs. chaos vs. space. Guest blogger Damion Moyer takes us on a voyage through his own family's "Adventures in Downsizing."

A few years ago, we were holding an "Arty Party" in our Seattle Art Camp for Big Kids studio. If you remember the studio that was in the Greenwood neighborhood, you'll remember that we had it stuffed with stuff...a wild mix of ephemera, fabrics, papers, knick-knacks, and art supplies purchased by the heapful from local thrift shops (Lori was starting to get recognized by name on the Seattle thrift circuit--true story!). 

That night, an event participant told us that she worked for an architectural firm in Seattle and that they had HEAPS of scrap materials ranging from fabric samples to tiles to wood blocks to leather swatches. We answered her faster than she could even ask "Do you want them?" A few days later, Lori drove down to the loading dock and packed her car with anything that would fit. 

A giant lesson for me this past year has been surrendering to what IS...let go, let go, let go. There are many similar ideas out there that remind us of one thing...take the leap and trust. Here is one of my favorite quotes that repeatedly went through my head as I jumped off a mountain in New Zealand this past December (I quivered as a leaf the entire way down to earth--and yes, that's me in the photo). 

Have you ever considered doing the exact opposite of what you’re doing in your business right now? Maybe with your whole business, or just a part? If we thought about doing the opposite of what we’ve been doing, could it provide a fresh look at things, provoke ideas we’ve never considered? Could it potentially give us the perspective that strikes a game changing nerve? Wanting to explore this idea with other entrepreneurs, The CRAVE Company invited 17 entrepreneurs to the FLIPPED IT! VIDEO SUMMIT to share their real stories of successful reinvention.